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The focus of Ayurveda Treatment is detoxification and harmonization of your body with healing herbs, special Ayurvedic food, treatments like massages, steam and herbal bath or oil treatments. The treatment oils and essences are produced in a traditional, friendly way.

Each of our Ayurvedic treatments is designed to increase body energies and achieve optimal regeneration, healing and revitalisation. The individual cure with medicine, treatments and Ayurvedic meals is created according to your needs. With our treatments, we work individually to each of our guests. We are very different from the conventional Ayurvedic hotels, because we start already in the first third of the cure with massages such as intensive massage, special treatment or thermo-massage.

The Sign of Life Resort is certified by the Sri Lankan Department of Ayurveda Sri Lanka! And our Ayurvedic Doctor Dr. Kumara is a certified Ayurvedic doctor and registered in the Medical Council of Sri Lanka.