To support the purification of your body and mind, it is recommended to do soft exercises. From an ayurvedic point of view, movements are an ideal method to release stress and achieve a good balance for body and soul. 

Yoga is a very efficient way to create this balance and therefore we offer Yoga five times a week besides your treatments in our Sign of Life Resort. Yoga brings body and mind in line and helps to remove blockades and tensions in the body. Hence, you will experience a greater inner calmness and well-being.

We offer Hatha Yoga, as this type of Yoga is focusing on your breath and soft movements. Through those softer movements the energy and respiratory flow will be activated and the Agni will be reactivated. Thus the Srotras will be opened and the detoxification and tissue renewal will be strengthened.

For people, who’s Dosha is Vata, movement is an expression to his elementary nature. The Vata type enjoys doing Sports and is always moving to find balance and relaxation. All standing and balancing poses help this type to balance and relax. 

For the Pitta type, movements are very important to release accumulated energies and stress. The strong pitta fire create lots of energy, which needs to be released in order not to cause tensions in the body. Therefore Sport on a regular basis is very helpful to free your mind. Yoga helps the Pitta type to find a harmonious balance for body and soul and supports calmness, patience, tolerance and empathy.

For the Kapha type, movement is a very important element. Normally the Kapha type tends to avoid excessive movements and stronger efforts. To leverage the Kapha, dynamic and energetic movements, like Nordic Walking, Dancing and dynamic Yoga are recommend. Inversion poses in Yoga support the slow metabolism and help the degradation process. Furthermore those movements help to release inner stress and to let go of accumulated emotions.